Kepler is one of the top companies for pharma market access, sales & distribution,
marketing, and medical data services in the UAE, Gulf, & MENA region.

Our service offerings are divided into 4 segments:

Pharmaceuticals & Food
Supplements Sales & Distribution

Kepler is well-known for its strength, expertise, and success in sales and distribution of medicines, medical devices, other pharmaceutical products, and food supplements. We are widely recognized as the top pharmaceutical and food supplements distributors in the UAE & Gulf.

We have a well-trained team promoting sales and distribution of medicines, food supplements, and medical devices to the local customers in the country of interest which includes hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Whether your business targets the private or public/ government sector, you will be sure that your product’s image & value will be presented in the most professional way, with guaranteed sales to your end customer.

Pharma Market Access & Registration
in UAE/ Gulf/ Middle East region

We understand that the Gulf and Middle East regions have a slightly complicated registration process, but we are experts in registration of all types of pharmaceutical and allied products – medicines, medical devices, food supplements, and herbal products. We have successfully registered more than 200 products in the Gulf & Middle East across these product categories. This has helped us to be recognized among the top market access and pharmaceutical products registration companies in the GCC/ Gulf region.

We provide these services with regards to healthcare market access and registration in GCC/ Gulf region:
– Registration Consultation
– Documents Validation
– Market Access Services

Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products & Devices

At Kepler, we believe that each market is unique when it comes to launching or marketing of food supplements, health/pharmaceutical products, or medical devices. And we understand the culture of the Gulf & Middle East region, so we can tailor our marketing campaigns in a manner that we reach our target customer in the target country in a highly efficient and creative way.

The language barrier is one of the most significant challenges for a product launch especially for companies new to this region, which is why we tailor our campaigns to be in Arabic language, along with other languages upon request. Even within the Arabic language, we use the local Arabic words for the specific market, thereby customizing it further.

Medical Data Services

Promoting, marketing, and distribution of medicines is guided by integrity and local laws. Therefore, we take great care with each step we take in promoting a medicine. We always use evidence-based data, applying pharmacovigilance best practices, and referencing.

We provide a variety of services in this sector tailored to your business.

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