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NovaDiet is a Spanish leading Company, with 25 years of experience, specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality food supplements, medicinal plants and weight control products.

With a wide range of products, NovaDiet covers all kind of pathologies, in varied presentations such as: ampules, capsules, tablets, extracts, etc...

A very important asset of Nova Diet is R&D&i department. NovaDiet rely on this great team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Dietitians, responsible of developing and launching new products to the marketplace every year. 

NovaDiet´s quality approach is carried out in all stages, from the strictest-criteria application for raw materials and suppliers selection, to the final product development process in the manufacturing and distribution areas. 

NovaDiet has been certified with both ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management, becoming, this way, the first Spanish company in the food supplements industry certified with European standards.